Professional Listing Appraisals

Syndicated columnist Robert J. Bruss states,”Price your home right and its half sold!”
National trainer for real estate sales agents, David S. Knox, lists these seven benefits to proper pricing:

  1. Faster sale.
  2. Less inconvenience.
  3. Exposure to more prospects.
  4. Increased salesperson response.
  5. Better response from advertising and sign calls.
  6. Attracts higher offers.
  7. More money to sellers.

So, to assist you in setting the correct price for your listing, Censeo Valuation Consultants has created the Professional Listing Appraisal.
Just as lenders prequalify home buyers, now you can prequalify your listing to sell. The Professional Listing Appraisal gives you a complete summary appraisal report similar to those used by banks. You can use it to set your price, counter low offers and speed your listing to a sale. Not only does the home seller benefit but the buyer also gets a discount if they use us for the *Closing Appraisal (dependent upon lender regulations). It saves them money, speeds closing and helps prevent last minute problems due to the appraisal. Take a look at the benefits of a Professional Listing Appraisals.

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